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NINETYK is excited to announce three new saddles for 2024.

The Jam and The Cure have been so well received we have extended that success with YES. This saddle shares similar characteristics but is even more comfortable for those in a slightly more upright position. I also think this saddle has a place in the fast-growing E-Bike market, E-Road and E-Gravel need a specific style saddle and this could be it. YES provides incredible comfort to those looking to ride more and feel good!

MALIBU is another saddle that will find a home in the E-Bike world. With its generous size it will offer support and comfort to those recreational riders in a more upright position. So if you ride mountain bike or E-Bike check out the great shape and comfort that MALIBU offers.

In year one we introduced NIRVANA, this saddle became a local favorite for the mountain bike and fast became a best seller. For 2024 we have introduced NIRVANA in three different widths, K-S 142mm, K-M 152mm and K-L 162mm. If you are looking for all day comfort on the Mountain Bike or E-MTB or even the rip around town bike NIRVANA has you covered.

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